Inclusive Economy: Making Work WORK for People with I/DD

Air Date: 07/05/2023

In our new Connects program, "Inclusive Economy," we explore employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities or I/DDs.

In an inclusive economy, everyone has value, and can participate and benefit by working. Work gives individuals with I/DD the chance to expand their social networks, increase their self-esteem, build confidence and develop the friendly, supportive relationships we all need. Inclusive economies focus on what people can do, not what they can't, offering real work for real pay.

This program discusses how supported employment programs and job coaches can assist individuals as they learn work tasks. Supported employment can also identify helpful modifications for the employee to learn, grow and be their most successful. Job coaches also work with employers to make sure their needs are met.

Nebraska has the lowest unemployment numbers in the country. Helping people with I/DDs join the workforce provides a way for businesses to fill jobs with reliable people who want to work.

This "Inclusive Economy" program helps both the community and I/DD individuals learn more about the job possibilities for people with I/DD. Learn from experts like Mary Matusiak, program director for business services at Nebraska VR, Matt Kasik, CEO for Region V Services and Veronica Gutierrez, a direct support professional at Region V Services. Meet individuals with I/DD who are hard at work in the community illustrating how opportunities lead to success stories. You'll also meet a local business owner with I/DD whose company is thriving. And you can find out more about job opportunities for those who want to work as job coaches and supported employment professionals.

"Inclusive Economy: Making Work Work for People with I/DD" is hosted by Alana Schriver, executive director of the Nebraska Association of Service Providers. NASP is the statewide membership association unifying the voice of home and community-based organizations providing supports to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

This program is produced in partnership with
the Nebraska Association of Service Providers (NASP),
with funding support from
the Nebraska Council on Developmental Disabilities and the federal Administration on Disability funds awarded to NASP by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
and People First of Nebraska.

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