Jazz Reunion and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 02/18/2016

"Jazz Reunion" As the Nebraska Jazz Orchestra celebrates its 40th anniversary, it has brought back some of its strongest performers for a joint alumni/current member performance. With only one night to prep for a big performance, there is a mix of tension and nostalgia as these jazz talents make music on a deadline. Producer: Bill Kelly "Invisible People" One of the little known histories of our state is the story of the settlement of Japanese immigrants in Nebraska. In the early 1900's, when railroad building ended in the Panhandle Region, many young Japanese laborers settled in the Platte River Valley. Today, names like Sakurada, Hara, Sato, Kuroki are still common in communities throughout our state. We asked Sandra Reddish, who is now the Executive Director of the Legacy of the Plains Museum, to write an essay based on her 10-plus years of research. Producer: Kay Hall "Chainsaw Carver" When he cut down the old maple tree in his front yard John Schmidt thought he should do something with it. So, he got his chainsaw and carved the large stump into a gigantic mushroom. Meet a guy who turn a tree stump into anything. We follow his latest project. Producer: David Koehn "Ultimate Fan" Steve Harley of Winnetoon, Nebraska may be the ultimate Husker fan. Since 1969, he's created a scrapbook for every season of Husker football. That's 700 pounds of memories. Producer: Kay Hall Watch more Nebraska Stories www.netnebraska.org/nebraskastories