Restoring the Big Boy and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 07/10/2015

Restoring The Big Boy All aboard for a new episode of Nebraska Stories! A year after it was towed from California to Union Pacific's railroad repair facility in Wyoming, we revisit the largest steam locomotive in the world for an update on its restoration. For The Love of The Game Every town had a team, but not every team had a town. Check out the Nebraska Baseball Hall of Fame in Beatrice and explore a time when independent baseball leagues played every Sunday in old ball fields across our state. The Cards You Are Dealt Former gang member Fredy Rincon is now a hard-working Nebraskan, married father of three and part-time artist. Last year he was voted Best Emerging Visual Artist at the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards. Finding The Best Warrior With the close of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars the National Guard is implementing new methods to maintain troop preparedness. Nebraska Stories takes a look at how the Nebraska Army National Guard uses competition in training to stay ready for the next time soldiers go to war. Wessels Farm Students from St. Joseph Catholic School in York take a field trip to Wessels Living History Farm on the edge of town. From shelling corn by hand to eating pancakes fresh from a hot cob stove, they spend the day experiencing life as early 19th Century children. Watch more stories