A Century of Gridiron Glory and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 02/08/2024

"A Century of Gridiron Glory" Lincoln is home to a college football cathedral. For one hundred years, Memorial Stadium has been the heart of Husker football. The origins of this revered landmark are rooted in post-World War I America when the public was resolute in honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country. Step back in time to learn what it took to build this Nebraska icon. "Cornhusking, Harvesting Heritage" Before farming became mechanized, picking corn by hand and pitching ears into a horse-drawn wagon was how harvesting was done. In the late 19th century, local contests were held to determine the best corn picker in the community. By the 1930s, hand corn husking became the fastest-growing sport in America, drawing over 100,000 spectators at national contests. Nebraska is one of nine states still hosting competitions. Join us in the field to follow competitors at the Nebraska State Hand Cornhusking Contest held at the Stuhr Museum "Feeding the Soul" A portrait of Shahab Bashar, a Yazidi refugee from Iraq who helps his fellow immigrants and refugees from Iraq and other mostly Arabic countries adjust to life in the US. Part of the adaptation is built around maintaining ties to the rich culture they left behind while embracing new, more American traditions. Food is a cultural touchstone to their homeland… with a direct connection between the soul and the soil. "Kool-Aid, Oh Yeah!" From Hastings to the world, discover the truly sweet origin story of Nebraska’s official soft drink, Kool-Aid. Hastings entrepreneur Edwin Perkins invented the colorful drink in 1927 and engineered an innovative marketing campaign that brought the beverage to the entire country, eventually turning it into an international pop culture sensation, with clothing, toys, and action figures sporting the iconic Kool-Aid brand.