State Fair Looking for Campus Overhaul in Grand Island

23 de Diciembre de 2021 a las 11:00 ·

Aerial view of animated Fonner Park. Proposed additions to the campus are highlighted in red while the rest is gray.
The above shows what the state fair wants to add to Fonner Park's campus in Grand Island. Additions are highlighted red. (Photo courtesy of Nebraska State Fair)

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The Nebraska State Fair and its stakeholders formed ‘The 1868 Foundation’ to deliver a remodeling proposal. In the plan released Wednesday, the foundation asked for $25 million from the money given to Nebraska as part of the infrastructure bill. The money would then be used to revamp its campus at Grand Island’s Fonner Park as soon as 2023.

Lindsey Koepke with the foundation said renovations would help bring more eyes to Nebraska’s agriculture brand.

“We look to focus the campus of Fonner Park into more of an agricultural destination, if you will, as opposed to just another livestock facility,” Koepke said.

The plan would add hundreds of thousands of square feet to livestock barns and arenas, in addition to parking and event spaces.