Nebraska Adventures: Virtual Tours

Nebraska Adventures: Virtual Tours

Dig tractors? Wild for the West? These virtual tours will put you in touch with Nebraska's historic institutions, captivating creatures and colorful characters. No need to book a bus or pack a lunch. These learning adventures are at your fingertips.

Larsen Tractor Test & Power Museum

On July 15, 1919, the Nebraska State Legislature established the Tractor Law to encourage the manufacture and sale of improved types of tractors. To satisfy the provisions of the law, a tractor testing laboratory was built on the agricultural campus of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Nebraska's Tractor Tests established power and performance standards and solved problems in agriculture worldwide. Visit to explore how tractor testing and performance data support agricultural innovation.

Morrill Hall: University of Nebraska State Museum

Established in 1871, the University of Nebraska State Museum is the state's premier museum of natural history. Take a stroll through Elephant Hall, discover the wonders Mueller Planetarium, and much more!

Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park

This virtual field trip gives you an eye view of the original discovery site, the Hubbard Rhino Barn, bronze sculptures by artist Gary Staab, and much more, taking in 360 degree vistas along the way. Meet the Giant Bone-crushing Dog, the Crowned Crane, the Perfect Tusker, the Hornless Rhino, and an amazing array of other animals, preserved and presented in a setting unlike any other.

Buffalo Bill Scout's Rest Ranch

See where a living legend lived part of his life. William F. Cody, known to the world as Buffalo Bill, built this ranch for retirement but never fully retired from his career as a showman and celebrity. This tour lets you explore the home occupied by the Cody family and their sometimes famous guests. The house is filled with period furnishings, historic photos, family heirlooms, and Cody’s own collections from his adventures as a scout, hunter, and creator of the Wild West Show.

Nebraska Virtual Capitol Tour

The interactive “Nebraska Virtual Capitol” website is a resource for students and visitors of all ages, both here in Nebraska and around the world. Young and old can discover more about Nebraska; learn about the history, arts and architecture of the building that serves as the heart of our state government and the Governor’s mansion.