The Magic of Murals

Venture across Nebraska to see how muralists are adding vibrant colors to our towns.

Across Nebraska, vibrant murals celebrate our rich history, diverse cultures and tight-knit communities.

"I want it to be eye-catching and give it a reason why people should get off the interstate and check out what these small towns have to offer."
Lauren Olson, Oshkosh artist

Now, a new wave of artists is adding splashes of color and creativity, beautifying towns and cities with hopes of attracting visitors, stimulating local economies, and making art accessible.

"I see all art as a celebration of life. It inspires me, and I hope it inspires anyone that walks by it."
Sarah Rowe, Omaha artist

Join us as we discover Nebraska's modern artistic landscape in "The Magic of Murals."

"I feel like it's kind of the cheapest way to transform a space. Painting is awesome. It totally changes the mood or the feeling of everything."
Breeanna Benton, Ogallala artist

See murals in these communities: Omaha, Lincoln, Alliance, Ogallala, Beatrice, Brule and more!

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