Streaming Media FAQ

Live Streaming Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am receiving an error message (e.g. Cannot load M3U8... Or Error loading media...) or all I see is a "spinning disk" accompanied by a black screen or static image. What is causing this behavior?
    In most instances, this error is encountered if our live event hasn't started yet (or if the Legislature is in recess/done for the day). Please reload the page and click the play button after the live event you are trying to view has started. You will also see this behavior if the live event has concluded.

  • I have a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.). Can I view your live streams?
    Starting in 2013, our live streams are iOS & Android 3.0+ compatible. Most modern, mobile devices that support video playback and are connected to a Wi-Fi or 4G connection should be able to access our live events. Special note for Kindle Fire/HD users: if your device supports flash, please enable this feature before accessing a live stream. Second generation kindles do not have this option--for those:
    1. From the Silk browser, tap the Menu icon at the bottom or right side of the screen
    2. Tap "Request another view" and select "Mobile"
    3. Reload our player and you should now be able to view live events (and On Demand content)

  • The sound keeps dropping in and out, the video keeps pausing/buffering, and/or I see strange colored blocks or a spinning disk on the video. What can I do?
    Sometimes various network congestion can cause some streaming hiccups but for the most part, our stream should work smoothly. These symptoms will occur if you are trying to view video using a dial up (AOL, PeoplePC, etc...), 3G (mobile connectivity option), or a very slow DSL/Satellite connection. Our live video streaming service has been optimized for broadband delivery so please check with your local Internet Service Providers for upgrade options in your area. You may also witness these problems if you are on a shared network and multiple people are trying to access our video stream simultaneously. To remedy the situation try accessing a lower quality stream by clicking the "HD" icon in the lower right section of the player controls and changing the setting from "auto" to "180p." If the stream doesn't play consistently after a couple minutes you may be forced to select the audio only option, "45p."

    Special note for Firefox Mac users: the current version of Firefox for Mac desktops does not support our streaming technology--please use an alternate browser (e.g., Safari or Chrome) to watch a live stream.

    One other note for State Government Streams: Please be aware that the committee chairman has the ability to mute certain sections of content or disable video for short periods of time. You may witness a blank, gray video stream during this moderation period.

  • I missed a live stream. Is a replay available anywhere?
    We do not have the rights to archive any legislative sessions or committee hearings. The Judicial branch of our coverage have replays available at the following links: Supreme Court or Court of Appeals.

    We also do not have the rights to provide video on demand replays of most of our sporting events. Selected high school events will have DVDs produced. More information can be found on our Sports page.

    Other Nebraska Public Media series, documentaries, and news features will most likely be available for replay within a day or two of the broadcast. Please search our site for the program or check On Demand for the most recent archives.

  • I am having trouble listening to your radio live stream. Any suggestions?
    Make sure any pop-up blockers are disabled and javascript is enabled in your browser. Our online radio stream player will detect if you have flash installed and deliver the appropriate player. If you have an iOS or Android powered mobile device, radio streaming is also available through selected apps. Direct links for our live radio streams are also available for increased accessibility.
    radio streams: M3U / PLS Radio HD-2: M3U / PLS

Video On Demand / Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I embed your video on my own site?
    Yes. Please click on the <> symbol in the top-right corner of our video player to get an embed code you can use on your site.

  • Video is playing fine but I can't hear anything. What is wrong?
    Please insure other audio sources are working on your computer. Example: is sound playing from YouTube hosted videos? If you are having trouble with all audio sources, please refer to your computer operating system's documentation in order to enable audio.

  • I just see a dark box or I receive a message saying "No Playable Sources Found"--no video or audio is playing. What is causing this error?
    Our On Demand streams are iOS & Android 2.1+ compatible and should deliver HTML5 video to current browsers. Please try updating your browser for the best viewing experience. If you have a compatible device and are are still having problems, please contact us.

  • Viewing full screen video is choppy, slow, or "fuzzy." What can I do?
    If you are watching a video and you have a fast internet connection, the picture quality in full screen should be very watchable--not crystal clear like TV--but definitely viewable. Some videos have higher quality versions available--click on the gear icon in the lower-right of the player to select a better quality.

    If our video is stuttering during full screen playback mode (meaning frames are dropping out or images are tearing) then your computer's hardware is not capable of rendering full screen video at a fast rate. If the motion is stuttering at full screen then there are no software adjustments you can make to your computer to improve the quality--you could try a lower quality version of the video or upgrade your computer.

  • I am receiving an error message that contains "Stream not found" or "Could not connect to server." What is causing this error?
    You have a firewall issue with your computer, router, or shared network. This problem is most prevalent for persons using a shared network in a business environment. Our on demand video requires communication via RTMP which requires outgoing TCP/IP connections on the default port 1935. With certain firewalls, traffic will be inspected, and non-HTTP traffic may get rejected. This could prevent communication over RTMP even when the proper port is open. If you are using a shared connection at a business, please have your IT department consult the documentation for your particular firewall (both personal and company-wide network installations apply), to determine how to properly configure it to allow RTMP traffic.

  • All of a sudden I hear double audio or the video is very sluggish. What is wrong?
    Please try restarting your computer and re-initiating our stream.

If you are still unable to connect or have any other concerns, please contact our customer service department and we will provide support. Please include as much detail of the problem you are having as possible.