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Below is a list of some of the best history documentaries and shorts by Nebraska Public Media and PBS. All of these shows are available to watch right now without a membership - for FREE. Just click the titles and press play. And, you can find many of them in the FREE PBS Video app for your Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, phone or tablet. Enjoy!

Nebraska Public Media original productions are noted with an asterisk (*). 

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Nebraska Public Media Originals

*'68: The Year Nebraska Mattered
*A Day in the Life of Husker Football
*A Duty to Protest (Nebraska Stories)
*A Love Letter to Louise (Nebraska Stories)
*A Marginal Romance (Nebraska Stories)
*A Name to Remember All (Nebraska Stories)
*A Promise Kept (Nebraska Stories)
*A Quilt of Honor (Nebraska Stories)
*A Street of Dreams
*Against the Current (Nebraska Stories)
*Atlanta Revisited
*Bago Boys
*Betty’s One Room School (Nebraska Stories)
*Big-Time Radio in Clay Center (Nebraska Stories)
*Bob Gibson's Legacy (Nebraska Stories)
*Bright Eyes (Nebraska Stories)
*Capitol Fountains (Nebraska Stories)
*Coach Devaney
*Coach Osborne: More Than Winning
*Code Name Looking Glass (Nebraska Stories)
*D-Day and the Oldfield Effect (Nebraska Stories)
*Doc Middleton, The Unwickedest Outlaw (Nebraska Stories)
*Dust Covered Dreams (Nebraska Stories)
*Echoes of War
*Edwina Justus (Nebraska Stories)
*Emery Blagdon And His Healing Machine
*Final Call for Lincoln Telephone (Nebraska Stories)
*Forgotten World (Nebraska Stories)
*Fort Hartsuff on the Sandhills Frontier (Nebraska Stories)
*Four Seasons in the Sandhills
*Gentle Valor (Nebraska Stories)
*Great Bison Kill (Nebraska Stories)
*Great Plains Rail Tales
*Guardians of the Baton (Nebraska Stories)
*Hearts of Zambia
*High Noon at Winnetoon (Nebraska Stories)
*Homecoming: The Impact on Nebraska Veterans
*Homemade Astronaut
*Honor Flight Reflection (Nebraska Stories)
*Husker Century - Part 1 Pioneer Spirit
*Husker Century - Part 3 Pioneer Spirit of Champions
*Huskers March the Rose Parade (Nebraska Stories)
*Invisible People (Nebraska Stories)
*Journey to the Wall (Nebraska Stories)
*Kearney Goes to War: Remembering the Homefront
*Libraries of Stone (Nebraska Stories)
*Looking for Bliss (Nebraska Stories)
*Lost Writer Ervin Krause (Nebraska Stories)
*Marooned in the South Pacific (Nebraska Stories)
*Miracle on the Prairie (Nebraska Stories)
*Nebraska Volleyball Championship: Destination Omaha
*Nebraska's Capitol Masterpiece
*Nebraska's Schindler (Nebraska Stories)
*Nebraska's Tuberculous Hospital (Nebraska Stories)
*Nebraska's Tuskegee Heroes (Nebraska Stories)
*No Ordinary Reunion (Nebraska Stories)
*Nuns at Work (Nebraska Stories)
*On the Frontline: Nebraskans at War in Iraq
*Only in Nebraska (Nebraska Stories)
*Our Daily Bread (Nebraska Stories)
*Racing's Ultimate Insider (Nebraska Stories)
*Remembered Voices
*Remembering Kloefkorn (Nebraska Stories)
*Restoring the Big Boy (Nebraska Stories)
*Return of the Sacred Pole
*Safe Harbor (Nebraska Stories)
*Sally Bard's War Stories (Nebraska Stories)
*Shadows on the Screen (Nebraska Stories)
*Solomon Butcher: Frontier Photographer
*Standing Bear's Footsteps
*Still Fighting (Nebraska Stories)
*Stratcom 9/11: A Different Doomsday
*Testament (Nebraska Stories)
*The Anti-Horse Thief Society (Nebraska Stories)
*The Boys from the Barrio (Nebraska Stories)
*The Chief Goes to Washington
*The DeWitty Settlement (Nebraska Stories)
*The Dundee Theater (Nebraska Stories)
*The Forgotten Artist (Nebraska Stories)
*The Girl From Broken Bow (Nebraska Stories)
*The Last Homesteader’s Tractor (Nebraska Stories)
*The Legacy of General John J. Pershing (Nebraska Stories)
*The Lure of the Land (Nebraska Stories)
*The Most Beautiful Man in the World (Nebraska Stories)
*The Old Windmill (Nebraska Stories)
*The Path to Sainthood (Nebraska Stories)
*The Quiet Billionaire (Nebraska Stories)
*The Quiet Power of Danelle Smith (Nebraska Stories)
*The Statue on the Hill (Nebraska Stories)
*The Sutton House (Nebraska Stories)
*The War Comes to Nebraska
*Tom Osborne: A Legacy Beyond the Game
*Victims of Peace (Nebraska Stories)
*Walk Ons: Huskers' Edge
*War Quilts (Nebraska Stories)
*William, Luther and Cody (Nebraska Stories)
*With Helpless Terror (Nebraska Stories)
*Yours, Willa Cather

African Lost boy with bag on top of his head
Frank Lloyd Wright design Sutton House
Street sign displaying Wall Street
Person wearing personal protective equipment putting on goggles
Man standing in front of 4 tanks in Tiananmen Square
Microscopic view of a virus
Four Holocaust survivors
Woman holding child with man holding child in background
Looking up at the columns in front of the Supreme Court
A sharply divided Supreme Court has ruled that the Biden administration overstepped its authority in trying to cancel or reduce student loans for millions of Americans. Conservative justices were in the majority in Friday's 6-3 decision that effectively killed the $400 billion plan that President Joe Biden announced last year.
Black and white photo of two middle eastern rivals
Emery Blagdon standing in his studio surrounding by his eclectic works of art
Black and white photo of Chief Standing Bear posing for a portrait with his family
Nebraska's Capitol Masterpiece cover image with exterior view and view of rotunda floor
Barack Obama and Donald Trump on opposite sides of picture
Jagged rocks rising from the ground
Great Plains Rail Tales cover art with locomotive
Exterior of a Mormon Temple
Black and white photo Vladimir Putin
Astronaut on a space walk waving to camera with Earth in the background
Tom Osborne: A Legacy Beyond the Game. Osborne looking down in thought
Various images depicting Stratcom immediately following 9/11
Three soldiers squatting in front of humvee
Black and white portrait of Doc Middleton
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