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Below is a list of some of the best arts documentaries and shorts by Nebraska Public Media and PBS. All of these shows are available to watch right now without a membership - for FREE. Just click the titles and press play. And, you can find many of them in the FREE PBS Video app for your Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, phone or tablet. Enjoy!

Nebraska Public Media original productions are noted with an asterisk (*). 

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Emery Blagdon standing in his studio surrounding by his eclectic works of art

Nebraska Public Media Originals - Nebraska Arts & Artists

*2000 Souls (Nebraska Stories)
*A Conversation With Maestro Wilkins (Nebraska Stories)
*A Legacy on Canvas (Nebraska Stories)
*A New Life for Old Paintings (Nebraska Stories)
*A Rising Star (Nebraska Stories)
*A Sculpted Life
*A Serendipitous Circus (Nebraska Stories)
*Art & Literature at the Castle (Nebraska Stories)
*Art Farm (Nebraska Stories)
*Art, The Piano Man (Nebraska Stories)
*Before the Battle (Nebraska Stories)
*Big Heads in a Garden (Nebraska Stories)
*Building a Dream (Nebraska Stories)
*Carhenge for Sale (Nebraska Stories)
*Casting Call: Casting Call To Curtain Call
*Catching a Second Wind (Nebraska Stories)
*Clay & Bronze Blues (Nebraska Stories)
*Dancing With Robots (Nebraska Stories)
*Deconstructing Art (Nebraska Stories)
*Drawn to Fashion (Nebraska Stories)
*Emery Blagdon And His Healing Machine
*Emily Bass & The Near Miracle's "Glory Hallelujah" (Nebraska Stories)
*Enchanted Arboretum (Nebraska Stories)
*Extraordinary Vessels (Nebraska Stories)
*Fear and the Magic Flute (Nebraska Stories)
*Figaro Across Nebraska (Nebraska Stories)
*Figaro Figaro!
*Final Cut: Filmmakers Showcase
*Folkloric Dancers (Nebraska Stories)
*Healing Art (Nebraska Stories)
*Hear Nebraska Presents Mesonjixx (Nebraska Stories)
*Hear Nebraska presents: Jocelyn (Nebraska Stories)
*Hear Nebraska's Music Man (Nebraska Stories)
*Herb Mignery, Cowboy Artist (Nebraska Stories)
*House of Art (Nebraska Stories)
*In the Key of Glass (Nebraska Stories)
*In the Listening Room with Andrea von Kampen (Nebraska Stories)
*Inside the Cornhusker Marching Band (Nebraska Stories)
*Jazz Reunion (Nebraska Stories)
*Kickstarting a Comeback (Nebraska Stories)
*Making It Better (Nebraska Stories)
*Making Paint Move (Nebraska Stories)
*Matt Sesow's Paint Therapy (Nebraska Stories)
*Merrymakers (Nebraska Stories)
*Music From the Ashes (Nebraska Stories)
*Musical Seedlings (Nebraska Stories)
*Nebraska Arts Awards (Nebraska Stories)
*Nebraska's Capitol Masterpiece
*New Ears for Ancient Music (Nebraska Stories)
*Painting in Red (Nebraska Stories)
*Pathfinder Chorus (Nebraska Stories)
*Play Me, I'm Yours (Nebraska Stories)
*Plein Air Poet (Nebraska Stories)
*Portrait of a Photographer (Nebraska Stories)
*Pottery Walk (Nebraska Stories)
*Ragtime Caberet
*Remembered Voices
*Runway Magic (Nebraska Stories)
*Satisfying Surprises (Nebraska Stories)
*Saving Emery's Masterpiece (Nebraska Stories)
*Saving Your Treasures
*Shakespeare & the Wild West (Nebraska Stories)
*Small Town Glee (Nebraska Stories)
*Solomon Butcher: Frontier Photographer
*Sports Artist Armando Villarreal (Nebraska Stories)
*Spreading Hayseed (Nebraska Stories)
*State of Poetry (Nebraska Stories)
*Talk to Me (Nebraska Stories)
*The Artist's Wife (Nebraska Stories)
*The Big Sounds of Bobby Layne (Nebraska Stories)
*The Blue Barn: All Grown Up (Nebraska Stories)
*The Cards You Are Dealt (Nebraska Stories)
*The Carver (Nebraska Stories)
*The Chief Goes to Washington (Nebraska Stories)
*The Joke's on Norfolk (Nebraska Stories)
*The Land Will Outlive Us All
*The Legends of Leavenworth Street (Nebraska Stories)
*The Medicine of Art (Nebraska Stories)
*The Paper Artist (Nebraska Stories)
*The Point is Poetry (Nebraska Stories)
*The Sound of Things (Nebraska Stories)
*The Well-Dressed Museum (Nebraska Stories)
*Time and the River (Nebraska Stories)
*Where Time Slows Down (Nebraska Stories)
*Winston, Kid Composer (Nebraska Stories)
*Yours, Willa Cather

Frank Lloyd Wright designed building with statue in the center
Red, purple and teal quilt with a red diamond design in the center
Two men painting street art of geometric shapes in Johannesburg
Artists making concentric circle art in the sand
Artist making a vase out of clay
Crooked ladder reaching toward the sky
Person with face painted for Dia de Los Muertos
Dancer Isadora Duncan on stage with two other performers
Cylindrical screen displaying people singing
Two people with phone goggles over their faces displaying eyes
Stream the best of PBS. Anytime, anywhere with the PBS Video App