Connects Guidelines


Nebraska Public Media Connects content is produced in partnership with non-profit and other public service organizations which share Nebraska Public Media's mission and values. Nebraska Public Media is held responsible by the Federal Communications Commission for each program it broadcasts. The following editorial guidelines will be applied to the program acceptance process:

Programming on the Nebraska Public Media Connects will…

  • Never mislead our audiences:
    All Nebraska Public Media Connects content will be truthful and as complete as possible.
  • Always provide full disclosure of partner interests:
    We will always tell viewers who is shaping the content of a program and why. We will make clear that this programming is a production of the partner organization in association with us. We will also make clear that this programming is not related to Nebraska Public Media's news and public affairs programs.
  • Not be used for simple self-promotion:
    While Nebraska Public Media’s community partners deserve appropriate credit and visibility for producing and presenting valuable content, that content must not be self-promotional in nature.
  • Not be used for lobbying:
    Nebraska Public Media Connects programming may sometimes deal with matters of public controversy, but it must never be used for lobbying efforts.
  • Special Care / Matters of Public Controversy:
    Nebraska Public Media and its partners must take special care whenever dealing with matters of public controversy. We must assure that alternative viewpoints are acknowledged and fairly represented. Final decisions on editorial content and broadcast will always remain the responsibility of Nebraska Public Media.
  • Series:
    Nebraska Public Media and its partners must take special care whenever dealing with any kind of regularly-scheduled series because of the on-going obligation implied. We will agree on a specific set of written goals and guidelines for each such series.

Many of these guidelines are subjective in nature. Current events, changes in the law and other matters may affect the broadcast of content on Nebraska Public Media Television. Close communication between Nebraska Public Media and its partners will be essential in order to avoid problems. The sole authority for approving sensitive or disputed broadcast decisions will be held by Nebraska Public Media’s senior manager responsible for content or an assigned Nebraska Public Media staff member.


Strive to maintain production quality similar to Nebraska Public Media broadcast standards:

While Connects programs will be encouraged to control production costs and enhance creativity through the use of new technologies and techniques, the production quality should never fall below what an average viewer might perceive as a “C-SPAN” production standard.

Partner Roles
In general, Nebraska Public Media and its non-profit partners share equally in the process of creating the program, with the partner providing the lead in content research and NET taking the lead in creative program design and presentation. In all cases the FCC requires Nebraska Public Media to exert the final "go-no go" decision on broadcast.

Program Credits
Program credits at the start/end of each program will read:

"(Program name) is a co-production of Nebraska Public Media Television (logo) and (Partner name + logo + web address + brief partner description). Support for (Partner name's) work came from (Supporter or Underwriter name and small logo). "

The "brief partner description" can be a statement of mission, goals or work of the partner organization. It can include web information. It cannot, by federal regulation, include any direct fund-raising or calls-to-action and must conform to all federal underwriting regulations.

For programs requiring a "host" or "interviewer" a neutral person will be recruited who is not closely tied to the issue or organizations involved in the project. An exception would be any case in which the program is explicitly developed around the notoriety, expertise and skill of a single host or host team.

Partners are invited to review the editing of a program for broadcast as long as that involvement does not have the effect of changing the substance or tone of the event as captured, or alter the agreed upon budget and production timeline.

Stages of Partnership Production

  1. Content Discussion
    A general discussion of goals for the project with all parties involved. Discussion of Nebraska Public Media Editorial Guidelines.
  2. Budget Discussion
    A more focused discussion of staffing, roles, costs and overall budget.
  3. Written Agreement
    A formal contract specifying agreements related to content, budget, rights, payment schedules etc.
  4. Production Commences
    Video production team begins work under the supervision of Nebraska Public Media.
  5. Mid-Point Check-in
    Subject to specific contractual agreement, a face-to-face check-in may be scheduled in which all parties involved review progress of the production. Mid-course corrections are discussed. Modifications to the plan or budget are finalized.
  6. Promotion
    Partners may promote in other media programs airing on Connects using our supplied templates and graphics. Nebraska Public Media must approve any advertising or promotion of programming on Connects.
  7. Final Check-in and Sign-off
    Completed production is reviewed. This is final opportunity for minor changes and edits.
  8. Broadcast / Broadband / Cable
    Dates for broadcast and broadband premiere are discussed and set with the understanding that circumstances may require changes in broadcast days and/or times. Programs will be provided to cable operators for free video-on-demand following their broadcast and broadband premiere.