Connects F.A.Q.

What is Connects?
Public media serves a broad public service mission. It explores and supports many aspects of life in our community, and uses the power and reach of its multiple platforms to provide valuable, free information to all Nebraskans.

Connects is a partnership between Nebraska Public Media and non-profit, educational, governmental and community service groups that share our mission of education and community-service to deliver new informational and educational programs to the citizens of Nebraska. Appropriate partnership productions between Nebraska Public Media and other mission-similar community organizations include:
* Public service programs that simply and directly transmit non-controversial information useful to the public
* Event coverage of performances, lectures, panel discussions, and town meetings created by organizations committed to public service.
* Personal improvement: programming designed to educate, model and encourage positive behaviors.

Nebraska Public Media will not pursue projects designed, in any way, to mislead Nebraskans. In addition, we will not pursue projects that are primarily focused on self-promotion (“infomericals”), which may also have commercial components, including the solicitation for funds, goods or volunteers, or that promote a political agenda, or religious programming.

While Connects is designed to encourage an “open-door” approach to potential partners, Nebraska Public Media management reserves the right to make final decisions regarding partners or content it deems appropriate (see editorial guidelines).

Where will the Connects productions be seen?
Programming will reach viewers over-the-air on World, on demand on, and on Nebraska cable television systems which offer free video-on-demand service. Check with your local cable, satellite or digital provider for details. Shows will be broadcast on World initially 6 times for the first year. Then, program will remain a part of our Nebraska Public Media library for future airings as appropriate.

World is an established network for public discourse, with its emphasis on live coverage of the Nebraska Legislature while in session and news and public affairs programming from PBS World.

Why partner with Nebraska Public Media on Connects?
Enhanced community impact is the main incentive. Multiple broadcasts on World and other media platforms will reach thousands of individuals via innovative and cost-effective methods. The result is a dramatic expansion of the impact on the community.

What are expectations of each partner?
Nebraska Public Media will provide production services, broadcast time, and multi-platform digital distribution. On occasion, we may provide limited in-kind production funding and support. In these circumstances, the community partner will provide additional production funding and project development expertise. Nebraska Public Media and the partner share responsibility for project design, budget development and promotion.

What does each partner receive?
Nebraska Public Media will receive unlimited rights to broadcast the program over its own media platforms and will also have unlimited rights to distribute the content to other digital platforms. Partners own all other rights, including the right to sell or otherwise re-distribute and exploit the program.

How do these partnerships get started?
First, Nebraska Public Media and the partner meet to better understand each other's goals and capabilities. Once both partners agree to proceed, Nebraska Public Media prepares a plan and budget that is discussed and modified by operational staff of both organizations. The project is then executed, edited, evaluated and scheduled for broadcast.

What does this normally cost the partners?
The cost to the partner varies depending on the requirements of the partner and the project.

Is Connects programming limited to organizations that can help pay for production?
While our goal is to make the service as self-sufficient as possible over time, Nebraska Public Media may also contribute resources to organizations serving groups traditionally under-served by mainstream media. These decisions are solely at the discretion of Nebraska Public Media , and will be determined by financial circumstances and the importance of the content.

Are promotional programs for non-profits eligible?
Connects content must serve the public with programming and information that supports the missions of both Nebraska Public Media and the partner organization, and addresses a legitimate public information need. For instance, we would not pursue a partnership with a hospital to discuss the attributes of that hospital. We would pursue a partnership with that same hospital if the topic of the presentation were "new developments in pediatrics" and featured the participation of multiple health care facilities. In addition, Nebraska Public Media is prohibited by federal regulations from engaging in broadcast activities that raise funds for other non-profit organizations.

Would government agencies have the opportunity to be involved?
Yes, to the extent that Nebraska Public Media and state agencies share a mission of providing accurate information to citizens. Programming will be provided to facilitate direct communications between state agencies and the people of Nebraska. Nebraska Public Media reserves the right to review all content for completeness and fairness, and may insist on additional content to add balance and perspective. This could take the form of Q&A with a neutral group of citizens or journalists selected by Nebraska Public Media.

Will Nebraska Public Media accept independent or other community productions?
Nebraska Public Media offers an opportunity to develop working relationships with independent and community producers, including community cable and educational producers. Availability of broadcast time and program acceptability will be entirely at the discretion of Nebraska Public Media management. Content and technical standards must follow overall guidelines for the service. Packaging and distribution costs may be billed to the community partner/producer.

Will Nebraska Public Media work with for-profit firms as well?
A project originating with a for-profit business must be true "public service" and not self-promotional. It must address real community needs with accurate and balanced information.

How is control over the project managed?
In general, Nebraska Public Media and the partner will reach early consensus on the overall design and focus of the project and the final product(s). The partner brings to the discussion specific content expertise and Nebraska Public Media provides production and broadcast management. If consensus proves difficult, the project does not move ahead. As with all programs, Nebraska Public Media is charged by the FCC with having sole responsibility for all final broadcast decisions