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World Wildlife Fund Pollinator Activity Guide

This fun, 24-page booklet has lots of great information and easy activities for children & adults alike.

Tips for Garden Events

Use these tips from the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum when planning an outdoor gardening event.

Before the event

Have site fully ready for the scheduled activity:

  • For a site preparation workday, have turf killed and tools & mulch on hand.
  • For a planting day have site completely prepared for planting, tools on hand and plants ready to go
    • Weeds removed
    • Soil loosened
    • Compost added (if desired)
    • Consider laying out plants before volunteers arrive so they can get started planting in place.

Have tools ready to go or be clear on what volunteers should bring

  • Consider using tile spades to loosen the soil and hand trowels to plant.
  • Too many long-handled tools in the garden becomes a safety hazard, especially for youth.

Have water ready, for both the plants and people!

During the event

Lead everyone in a planting demonstration before work starts

  • Everyone should participate regardless of experience level! The demonstration gets everyone on the same page since they may do it differently at home than what you want to see.
  • Show how to loosen the soil, how to remove the plant from the pot, how to place the plant in the ground so that it is the proper depth, how much mulch to place around the plant.
  • Assume nothing, show every step of the process.

Use the buddy system

  • One person works standing and loosens the soil with a spade.
  • One person works kneeling and plants with hands or a trowel.

There is a job for everyone regardless of physical ability, including:

  • Quality control (important when volunteers are also enjoying their conversations while working)
  • Watering
  • Pot collecting and stacking
  • Providing (or reminding people to take) water breaks.
After the event

Make sure everything is mulched and watered before you walk away

  • If your event participants aren't doing it, make a plan to make sure it is done on the same day.

Maintenance can be another event!

  • Consider having somewhat regular events so people can come back and check on their progress.
  • This is an opportunity to learn about wedding and other garden maintenance.

Book Recommendations

Check out these recommended books Nebraska Game & Parks and the UNL Bee Lab, two of our community partners.

Children's Book List, organized by age range and topic

Adult Book List available on the Gardener Resources page

Digging Deeper with Backyard Farmer

Conservation Planting | Kim Todd discusses conservation planting with Jim Locklear, Director of Conservation with Lauritzen Gardens and Chris Helzer, Director of Science with the Nature Conservancy.