Educator Resources | Celebrating Nebraska Pollinators

Additional activity ideas

  • How Plants Grow | Grow a digital garden with NATURE CAT

  • Creating a “Community” Garden with Your Students..and Nature Cat | PBS Teachers Lounge

Book Recommendations

Looking for books that will help teach your students about native plants and pollinators? Our pollinators book page has recommendations organized by age group.

Digging Deeper with Backyard Farmer

Sustainable School Gardens Part 1 | Digging Deeper discusses school gardens with two experts from Lincoln Public Schools. Topics include the types of gardens, how to start a school garden, how to maintain a school garden and what happens if the garden is no longer needed.

Sustainable School Gardens Part 2 | This week's experts discuss the direction of sustainable gardening in Lincoln Public Schools as well as the goals and benefits of the program. They also include examples of successful gardens and what promotes their success.