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Nebraska Public Media partnered with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Bee Lab for programming in May and June 2022 inspired by My Garden of a Thousand Bees, the 40th-season-premiere episode of Nature on PBS. Enjoy these resources that celebrate Nebraska's pollinators and native plants, and learn about how you can help support this essential part of our ecosystem.

Nebraska Public Media Curriculum Resources

Ashy mining bee on dandelion covered in pollen-Credit-Martin Dohrn.jpeg
Ashy mining bee on dandelion covered in pollen (Credit Martin Dohrn)

Explore our two interactive pollinator lessons! Prairie Portrait explores a prairie landscape and a bee's anatomy, and Celebrating Nebraska Pollinators explores how bee's process data and gives you a "bee's-eye view" of the world. Check out these great curriculum resources on PBS LearningMedia.

Activity Ideas with the UNL Bee Lab

Learn how to make your own wild bee hotel and how to plan a pollinator-friendly garden with these two great videos featuring experts from the UNL Bee Lab.

Explore more from Nebraska Public Media

What If... Fungus Creations

Central Community College student Katy Ayers “grew” a canoe from mycelium, the vegetative body of a fungus that forms mushrooms. Grants and passion for sustainability in hand, now she’s building mycelium bee hotels. Watch more stories of innovation and creativity.

About the Film

My Garden of a Thousand Bees follows wildlife filmmaker Martin Dohrn, who, locked down by coronavirus, turns his lenses on the surprising and spectacular bees living in his own urban garden in Bristol, England.

Watch My Garden of a Thousand Bees online for free now at pbs.org/Nature and the PBS Video app.

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Support for Nature: My Garden of a Thousand Bees was provided by The Hite Foundation, Bradley L. Goldberg Family Foundation and The Sun Hill Family Foundation in memory of Susan and Edwin Malloy. Series funding for Nature is also made possible in part by the Arnhold Family in memory of Henry and Clarisse Arnhold, The Fairweather Foundation, Kate W. Cassidy Foundation, Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III, Kathy Chiao and Ken Hao, Charles Rosenblum, Filomen M. D’Agostino Foundation, Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust, Leonard and Norma Klorfine, Sandra Atlas Bass, Colin S. Edwards, Gregg Peters Monsees Foundation, Koo and Patricia Yuen, by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by public television viewers