Cannabis in Nebraska: Medicine, Agriculture & the Law

Legal Hemp and Illegal Cannabis in Nebraska: What’s the Difference?

Ever wonder what the difference between legal hemp and illegal cannabis is? Different states have different rules: See what farmers in Nebraska need to do to not cross the line — and have their entire harvest destroyed.

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Curriculum Resources on PBS LearningMedia

The NOVA documentary, The Cannabis Question, explores the story of cannabis from the criminalization that has disproportionately harmed communities of color to the latest medical understanding of the plant. What risks does cannabis pose to the developing brain? How much do we know about its potential medical benefits? As cannabis becomes socially accepted, scientists are still investigating its long-term health consequences.

Through a series of video clips from the film, this collection will help students better understand cannabis and its risks and benefits.

Science & Society

Enjoy these other digital shorts produced by Nebraska Public Media in conjunction with NOVA's Science & Society initiative.

What is the Fungal Revolution?

Katy Ayers made a canoe — out of mushrooms. More specifically, she used mycelium, the unseen, vegetative body of a fungus that forms mushrooms. (Fun fact: Mushrooms are the reproductive organs of some fungi.)

Telemedicine: the Future of Medical Care in Rural Communities?

Faced with a little-understood threat and limited personal protective equipment, the coronavirus pandemic forced healthcare providers to deliver medical care at a distance. Many turned to technology — specifically telemedicine — to do so.

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Cannabis in Nebraska

Nebraska Public Media and NOVA presented an exploration of the science and data behind cannabis on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021. The event featured excerpts from the NOVA film, The Cannabis Question. Our experts discussed its medical and agricultural possibilities and the history of cannabis laws and why they have disproportionately impacted communities of color. The event featured:

  • Sarah Holt, writer, producer, and director of The Cannabis Question
  • Yasmin Hurd, PhD, Ward-Coleman Chair of Translational Neuroscience and Director of the Addiction Institute, Mount Sinai
  • Kelly K. Dineen, JD, PhD, Associate Professor of Law & Director, Health Law Program, Creighton University
  • Andrea Holmes, BS, MS, PhD, Professor of Chemistry and Director of Cannabis Studies, Doane University
  • Dennis Kellogg, Nebraska Public Media News Director (moderator)

If you missed the panel, you can watch it without the clips from The Cannabis Question, below:

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