Cattle FitBit, med school tech, workplace culture, Growing Great

What If...

Air Date: 06/13/2019

Good ideas often start with a simple question. What if. What if we tried this. What if we did it this way. That’s the starting point for this show about all kinds of innovation and creativity in Nebraska. This episode of "What If..." features: Called a “FitBit for Cows,” high tech ear tags created by a Lincoln company Quantified Ag and founder Vishal Singh make it easier for cattle producers to monitor animal health. Cutting edge 3D, VR and other simulation technology at UNMC's iEXCEL is changing health education and improving the preparation of health care professionals. Omaha web hosting start-up Flywheel is changing how and where people work, with dogs in the workplace to beer coolers to tearing down walls and different attitudes and ideas about what a workplace should be. A unique Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties program called Growing Great Beginnings is helping people living in poverty learn to cook, meal plan and grow their own food. More at: #WhatIfNebraska