Biomechanics, kid composer, growing Ord, church remodeling

Air Date: 06/13/2019

Good ideas often start with a simple question. What if. What if we tried this. What if we did it this way. That’s the starting point for this show about all kinds of innovation and creativity in Nebraska. This episode of "What If..." features: How the leaders of Ord started working together and “thinking differently” about economic development, including creating a unique leadership program. Winston Schneider is just a typical Omaha fifth grader who likes Legos, insects, Star Wars…and composing classical music. This year he won the National Association for Music Education composer’s competition for his piece, “Scherzo of the Feather Stars.” And yes, insects inspire the music he creates. UNO’s first-of-its-kind Biomechanics Research Building and cutting edge research is studying human motion and helping people with conditions that restrict movement. Denise and Paul Augustyn are breathing new life into old Catholic churches using things like PVC pipe and styrofoam to replicate marble and other more expensive materials. More at: #WhatIfNebraska