Understanding the Brain & Behaviors

Air Date: 12/18/2014

The profound social and economic impact of an aging population highlights the need to understand the factors that influence cognitive health and the decline that occurs with age. In this episode of Now What?, Dr. Anna Fisher welcomes Dr. Sanjay Singh, Chief of Staff at Creighton University Medical Center, for an exploration of the brain and how it ages. Dr. Singh will explain the mechanisms of the brain, and how they are impacted by normal aging, injury or disease. The program also features an on-location interview with Omaha native and filmmaker Eric Hover during the filming of "It Snows All The Time." The film is a depiction of the Hover family experience of his father's dementia journey. Actor Brett Cullen portrays Hover's father in the story, and joins Hover and Dr. Fisher during this interview. And, in an effort to assuage fears and to help patients and family members know what to expect during the diagnostic process, Drs. Fisher and Singh take the NET Connects crew through a typical examination and functional MRI brain scan. The award-winning Now What? series is a partnership between NET Connects and the Consortium of Dementia Alternatives.