An Ounce of Prevention

Air Date: 12/15/2016

While there may be ways to slow the progression, there is no sure way to prevent dementia itself. However, there are ways to improve quality of life through stages of the progression, for both the person with dementia and his/her caregivers and loved ones. In this episode of the Now What? Series Dr. Anna Fisher and her guests will explore these topics, and provide practical resources and approaches for the best possible outcomes and quality of life for anyone who finds themselves on this journey. And they also attempt to dispel myths and misinformation that are abundant in the media rich culture we live in today. Viewers are inundated with articles and TV shows that promise miraculous results from various supplements, diet and fitness regimens. They are simultaneously warned about unintended consequences of over-the counter and prescription medications that show the potential to cause dementia. And what roles do genetics and family medical history play in all of this? It’s a daunting prospect to be an educated consumer in our health care system today.