Title IX Annette Hudson

Air Date: 05/09/2022

Annette Hudson was a trailblazer at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, serving as the first African American cheerleader from 1969-1972 and being selected the university’s first African American homecoming queen, too. I was very athletic, and I grew up with three brothers….Track was probably my best sport, played softball and played at the city diamonds, cheered in high school reserves and varsity….That was prior to Title IX, so there were limited opportunities for girls to do things, but I did everything that was available. Annette sees benefits to men and women and people of different races working together in ways they weren’t able to prior to Title IX. What I think diversity does is it gives people another viewpoint about some stereotypes, or ideas that they may have had. You’re really utilizing all the talents and tools available to you, to put the best effort to whatever task you’re trying to accomplish.