State of Volleyball: 2023 Fall Preview

Preview the Premiere College Volleyball Programs in Nebraska

Air Date: 08/24/2023

“State of Volleyball" returns for its third season on Nebraska Public Media to dive into the flagship volleyball programs in the state of Nebraska. This insightful fall preview takes viewers on a journey through the world of collegiate volleyball, shining a spotlight on the state’s prominent teams. Through exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and expert analysis, viewers will get access to the state's volleyball landscape and the upcoming season's prospects for these top programs.

The Show will bring together prominent figures in Nebraska volleyball, including head coaches and star players. It explores the preseason preparations, strategies, and aspirations of each team, offering a glimpse into their training and the challenges they anticipate. With its engaging interviews and comprehensive coverage, "State of Volleyball" promises to be a must-watch for volleyball enthusiasts and sports fans alike, providing an exciting preview of the upcoming season and celebrating the vibrant volleyball culture in Nebraska.

“State of Volleyball” will be a primer for Volleyball Day in Nebraska, the inaugural event at Memorial Stadium on August 30th, which will showcase record breaking attendance. This event serves as a platform to showcase Nebraska's passion for volleyball, bringing together more than 91,000 fans for an exhilarating day.

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  • Saturday, 8/26 at 9pm on Nebraska Public Media
  • Tuesday, 8/29 9pm on Nebraska Public Media
  • Wednesday, 8/30 on Nebraska Public Media

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