Savor: Nebraska Craft Wine

Air Date: 05/02/2019

Any fool can grow grapes in the Napa Valley, but it takes real skill to grow them here in Nebraska." – Paul Reed, Professor of Viticulture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Some wine enthusiasts believe good wine only comes from California or Europe, but Nebraska producers have joined a growing group of Midwest vintners who are turning that idea on its head.

Savor: Nebraska Craft Wine uncorks the story of an ancient industry that is flourishing in Nebraska. With nearly 40 wineries in the state now, the impact on our economy has soared as producers in all areas of Nebraska pioneer their brands.

Savor: Nebraska Craft Wine explores history of Nebraska wine making, the people who make it their life’s work and how to pair your meals with the state’s best bottles.

The documentary also offers a taste of the industry from Niobrara Valley Vineyards where wine pairs with cattle ranching, as well as Deer Springs Winery in Lincoln and James Arthur Vineyards in Raymond, one of the first vineyards in the state.

Program artwork for Savor: Nebraska Craft Wine

“There’s just so much about wine, there’s so much history and mythology even, and all kinds of aspects to wine that just draws people together and who doesn’t think it’s fun to just sit with friends and have a bottle of wine?” said Jen Reeder, Winemaker at Deer Springs Winery.

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Graphic overviewing how wine is made, including grape harvesting, chilling, fermentation, barrel aging and filtering.