Savor: Nebraska Craft Beer

Air Date: 08/17/2019

Nebraskans are loyal. The folks that have come on board and realized that we're making great products stay there because one: the product is as good if not better than anything else that's on the market right now.” – Charlie Yin, Owner of LOCAL Beer, Patio and Kitchen

Think the best tasting beer comes from nationally known distributors? Think again.

Nebraska is home to a growing community of local craft brewers that are producing nationally award-winning beverages. And, with nearly 50 breweries in the state, the impact on the economy has soared as producers grow their brands.

Savor: Nebraska Craft Beer taps into an old industry that is flourishing once again. Explore the history of beer in Nebraska, the people who make beer brewing their life’s work and how to pair your meals with the state’s best bottles.

The new documentary also offers a sample of the industry from Infusion Brewing Company in Omaha’s Benson neighborhood and its Nebraska beer historian owner, as well as Kinkaider Brewing Company in Broken Bow and Empyrean Brewing Company in Lincoln, Nebraska’s oldest operating modern brewery.

Program artwork for Savor: Nebraska Craft Beer.

“It's less about the alcohol and getting drunk, it's about enjoying the atmosphere, and enjoying the people you're with, and having a good time, and talking about the beer, and talking about different things, and doing all that, it's not an alcohol delivery device” said Nate Bell, co-owner of the Kinkaider Brewing Company.

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Image describing the beermaking process, including drying grains, boiling them, adding yeast and bottling.