Protecting Senior and Vulnerable Nebraskans

Air Date: 06/14/2017

Many senior and vulnerable Nebraskans are faced with the challenges of protecting themselves and their loved ones from the threat of fraud, abuse and financial exploitation.  To provide protection for vulnerable and older adults, the Older Americans Act and the Adult Protective Services state statutes were established. 

In this program, you’ll hear from experts who will discuss the impact of financial exploitation on vulnerable and older Nebraskans.  Common frauds and scams in Nebraska will be discussed with tips on how to protect yourself from being victimized.  You’ll learn how to stop unwanted mail and how to place a security freeze on your credit history for a minimal cost.  You’ll also learn that filing a consumer complaint and reporting scams is easy. 

Law enforcement will provide an overview of case investigations and how they work with other agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services’ Adult Protective Services office, during their investigation of cases in a court system. 

A medical expert will discuss how to spot symptoms of conditions such as dementia and, how diminished capacity increases a person’s vulnerability for financial exploitation.

Lastly, you’ll hear from a legal expert who will review the roles and responsibilities of the agents of power of attorney.


Mike Wight, Public Information Officer,
Nebraska Dept. of Health and Human Services

Jim Hegarty, President/CEO
Better Business Bureau, Inc.
Consumer fraud and scams, and how to track them with the BBB's scam tracker

Ryan Sothan, Outreach Coordinator
Attorney General's Office, Consumer Protection Div.
Ways seniors can protect themselves from being victimized, unwanted telemarketing, how to use a security freeze and how to file a complaint

Benjamin Kroeze, Supervisor
Adult Protective Services, DHHS
APS' role in investigations of financial exploration

Cindy Koenig-Warnke, Investigator
Lincoln Police Department
How law enforcement investigates financial exploitation and how it coordinates with APS

Mary Christensen, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
Lincoln Medical Education Partnership
How diminished increases vulnerability for financial exploitation

Mary Wilson, Attorney
Buford Law Firm
Guardianship decisions, powers of attorney and family dynamics