NRD Solid Waste Disposal & Rural Water Systems

Air Date: 04/11/2016

It may surprise many Nebraskans to know that in parts of eastern and south central Nebraska, good drinking water is hard to come by. In some areas, there are no underground aquifers, or the groundwater that is available is not drinkable due to high mineral or nitrate concentrations. In the Little Blue District, the NRD buys water from the city of Fairbury to supply water to over 400 rural customers in Nebraska and Kansas. Up in the Lewis Clark District in the northeast corner of the state, the NRD pulls water from the Missouri River, treats it, and delivers it to nearly 800 customers via 378 miles of pipe. These are just two of several NRD rural water systems that provide water for nearly 20,000 Nebraskans. They also provide solid waste management services when needed as well.