NET Resolution From the Capitol April18, 2012

Air Date: 04/19/2012

ONE HUNDRED SECOND LEGISLATURE SECOND SESSION LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION Introduced by WHEREAS, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET) has an outstanding history of covering Nebraska legislative activities for the benefit and education of Nebraska residents; and WHEREAS, this coverage began in 1955 with a weekly show called "Your Unicameral" in which several senators were interviewed each week on pending legislation; and WHEREAS, during the 1970s, a half-hour show called "Legislative Review" summarized each day's legislative action, and legislative committee hearings began to be broadcast; and WHEREAS, in 1980, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Legislature was initiated, giving Nebraska residents incredible access to their Legislature; and WHEREAS, today NET streams live coverage from the main legislative chamber and seven committee hearing rooms, allowing Nebraskans to stay in touch with their Legislature from anywhere with an Internet connection. In 2011, Nebraska residents utilized this live streaming to watch more than 1,800,000 minutes of coverage. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MEMBERS OF THE ONE HUNDRED SECOND LEGISLATURE OF NEBRASKA, SECOND SESSION: 1. That the Legislature recognizes and thanks NET for its long history of legislative coverage and for its efforts to keep Nebraskans informed and connected to their Legislature. 2. That a copy of this resolution be sent to NET. REQ 06013 MLU - 04/02/2012 REQ 06013 MLU - 04/02/2012 -