Nebraska Volleyball: Culture of a Champion

Air Date: 07/19/2018

Nebraska Volleyball head coach John Cook signals a play during a match.
Nebraska Volleyball Head Coach John Cook
Players, coaches and family members from the Nebraska Volleyball team pose on the volleyball court with the 2017 NCAA National Championship Trophy.

It was a year that many counted them out, and Nebraska Volleyball head coach John Cook labeled, a year to “reinvent.”

Under his leadership and expertise, the team returned to the fundamentals of the game in 2017. It was a bumpy start, but the underdog mentality became motivation for the huskers to return to the national stage.

At the NCAA Final Four in Kansas City, Penn State and Nebraska squared off in front of a record crowd, and the epic five-set battle to advance to the National Championship was the ultimate test for two teams wanting to end their season with a title.

This program captures the drama of the 2017 season and the history of the rivalry between two powerhouse programs - Penn State and Nebraska. It’s an inspiring journey filled with courage, determination, camaraderie – and ultimately – a championship.

Nebraska Volleyball: Culture of a Champion

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