Homemade Astronaut: The Clay Anderson Story

Air Date: 11/06/2009

Space has always been something special to Nebraskan Clay Anderson.

As a young boy, his mother covered him head-to-toe with aluminum foil to participate in a hometown parade as an astronaut.

Today, he is the first Nebraskan to ascend into space as a NASA astronaut, spending 152 days aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Homemade Astronaut: The Clay Anderson Story is an intimate and personal look at Anderson’s journey from dreamy-eyed child to driven college student to determined NASA astronaut.

During the hour-long production, Anderson talks about his youthful dreams and his Ashland (Neb.) and Hastings College teachers who inspired and encouraged him to pursue his passions.

Viewers will learn how, after 15 applications, he was chosen as a NASA astronaut, his three-year training program, his launch aboard the space shuttle Atlantis on his father’s birthday and his return to earth five months later on his wedding anniversary.

In between, Anderson details some of his experiences about the ISS, the experiments he conducted and his first space walk.

But even 200 miles in space, life on earth makes its presence known, as Anderson learns about the return of his mother’s lung cancer and hopes that he will return from space soon enough to see her again.

With humility and emotion, Anderson relates how Nebraskans and his hometown of Ashland have embraced him since his return from space.

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