Exploring Nebraska's State Parks

Air Date: 03/01/2020

Follow our journey in Exploring Nebraska’s State Parks as we learn more about Nebraska’s first state park, enjoy a birds-eye view of the state’s varied landscapes, from rugged bluffs along the Missouri to the Panhandle’s Pine Ridge and experience history surrounded by exquisite scenery. By the end of this television trip, you’ll want to pack your bags and discover the history, natural resources and modern recreation that await visitors of all ages at state parks across Nebraska.

Nebraska's 8 state parks include:

  • Chadron
    Nebraska's oldest park, celebrating 100 years in 2021.
  • Fort Robinson
    Located in the northwest corner of the state, it's the biggest park in Nebraska parks' system, with just over 22,000 acres.
  • Indian Cave
    Located in the southeast corner of the state, it features living history, remnants of the old town of St. Deroin, and a cave with prehistoric petroglyphs.
  • Mahoney
    Situated halfway between Lincoln and Omaha, it was Nebraska's first year round park.
  • Niobrara
    Situated on the confluence of the Niobrara and Missouri Rivers. It has stunning views from cabins that sit on the hills and look down onto the rivers.
  • Platte River
    Nestled between Nebraska's two largest cities, it features a rare natural eastern Nebraska waterfall and several opportunities for young kids to connect with nature.
  • Ponca
    One of Nebraska's most visited state parks, it's home to 'The Old Oak Tree' and is known by birdwatchers, who have spotted over 300 different species of birds there.
  • Smith Falls
    The newest of Nebraska's state parks, it features a 63 foot tall waterfall, as well as several other smaller ones.

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