Discovering Nebraska

Air Date: 08/21/2015

Nebraska: 93 counties of unique places, people and things to do. Discovering Nebraska is all about Nebraska’s unique stories. It takes some effort to find many of the gems hidden in the Good Life and Discovering Nebraska will bring just of few of them to NET Television; the people whose stories create the culture; the natural beauty that is hard to describe with words; the quaint attractions that put towns of all sizes ‘on the map’. Discovering Nebraska is a celebration of the history, land and people of Nebraska and will highlight a few of the things that will make viewers want to go and discover more of Nebraska for themselves. This hour program will be a series of segments, most 7 to 10 minutes in length, highlighting Nebraska. It’s intended to be diverse in segment topics to show that Nebraska has many things to celebrate. NET’s field production crews will visit these locations all around the state and give viewers a close-up look at what’s unique about each one. Find out the stories behind some well-known and lesser-known landmarks. Hear from people who know the pieces of history that shaped a part of the state. Learn why Nebraskans are passionate about the state they call home.