Defining the 3 D's: Dementia, Delirium, & Depression

Air Date: 06/28/2016

When we notice symptoms of memory loss, mood changes or cognitive impairment in the elderly, we often think first of dementia. But those can also be symptoms of delirium or depression, and have different causes. Accurate diagnosis and treatment is essential. For families and caregivers, understanding the differences between dementia, delirium and depression can vastly improve outcomes and quality of life for all involved. In this 12th installment of the Now What? series, Dr. Anna Fisher is joined by Dr. Daniel Murman, M.D., who conducts clinical and health services research focused on Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and related neurodegenerative disorders. They discuss the definitions of the "Three D's", and provide case studies, information, and practical advice on recognizing and addressing these conditions. Now What? is an award-winning NET Connects presentation in produced partnership with the Consortium of Dementia Alternatives. Additional funding is provided by the Burlington Capital Foundation, Hillcrest Health Services, and the Nebraska Health Care Foundation.