Gentle Valor and More

Air Date: 04/05/2018

"Gentle Valor" In 1968, Cheryl Feala was a recent nursing graduate and a 2nd Lieutenant in the United State Army stationed at Chu Lai Airbase, just 55 miles from the DMZ during the Vietnam War. Cheryl reflects on her memories as a combat nurse in the year of the Tet Offensive. "Grow an Extra Row" Grow an Extra Row has a mission of encouraging home gardeners to grow extra produce to give some away to those in need. This new statewide movement is to help ease hunger in Nebraska. "The Taxidermist" A taxidermist creates a bison model for visitors to view at the Crane Trust and Visitor Center. How does he capture the natural form of this formidable creature? We see the detailed process from beginning to end. "Last Shot for the Royals” Tiny Grace University in Omaha has had basketball teams for 50 years. That ends in February, with the closure of the college. How does a sports program and its players finish a season, knowing it’s the last? We joined them for their final game.