Dirt Addiction and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 04/12/2018

“Dirt Addiction” Nebraska mountain biking might sound like an oxymoron but it is a growing sport in a state that has no actual mountains. The bike trails at Platte River State Park are a popular destination for a dedicated group of bikers who ride and maintain the trails. And now, thanks to an influx of federal grant money, the trails will expand for new and experienced riders. The park is already on a top 25 list of State Park bike trails and the goal is to become a regional destination. We’ll meet the riders who love these trails, including a national champion female mountain biking racer from Omaha who practices at the park. “Beyond the Runway: Marylou Luther” Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Betsy Johnson… are just a few of the names on a long list of international fashion designers Nebraska native Marylou Luther has written about in her 66 year career. A resident of New York City, Luther spends her summers in Cambridge, Nebraska where she grew up and still calls home. In her long career as a fashion journalist, syndicated newspaper columnist, book author, essayist and blogger, Luther is now the creative director of the Fashion Group International, a non-profit organization on fashion, beauty, and related fields. We meet the woman whose writing is essential reading for industry leaders worldwide. “Olive’s Refuge” Olive Bucklin was a women of many talents and a well-respected producer at NET. In 2010 she became ill and was later diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Her illness forced her into retirement, but her creativity would not waver as she continue to express it though quilting until her untimely passing. “A Promise Kept” In 1877, at the request of her grieving parents, the people of Neligh agreed to care for the grave of a Ponca Indian girl. Since that day, the town has tended the grave. In 2011, the tribe said thank you in a special ceremony.