The Legends of Leavenworth and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 03/09/2017

“Legends of Leavenworth Street” Legends Comics & Coffee is just your friendly, neighborhood comic book store dedicated to elevating the image of the comic book genre while also giving back to the local community. This unusual combination has earned the shop a top international award from Comic Con. “A Day in the Life of Lauritzen Gardens” Go behind the scenes at Lauritzen Gardens to see a day in the life of this ever-expanding botanical center that has been two decades in the making. From rare botanical wonders to carefully curated displays of art, enjoy a tour of this urban oasis nestled in the riverfront hills of Omaha and meet the conservation team protecting the most vulnerable plants on the Plains. “Indie Voices - Hear Nebraska Presents: Jocelyn” Emerging Singer-Songwriter Jocelyn plucks a few chords, and in a rich, mournful voice, laments a past love in this street-side performance in Omaha’s Old Market. “Greenhouse in the Snow” Russ Finch of Alliance has designed and built a greenhouse that runs only on a small fan circulating geothermal heat. Using energy costs of about one dollar per day, Russ produces hundreds of pounds of citrus fruit each year to sell at local farmer’s markets. “A Legacy on Canvas” In honor of Nebraska’s 150th anniversary of statehood, award-winning artist Todd Williams travels the state and paints images representing the stories and cultural histories of every county. “Life beyond Hoops” For one high school basketball player, maturing didn’t happen in the game…it happened off the court and providing to be a positive influence in a young boy’s life.