A Quilt of Honor and More

Air Date: 04/13/2017

“A Quilt of Honor” The story of Caroline Boston is explored through a quilt she inscribed with the names of 318 Union Veterans of the American Civil War - from former slaves to an American president. Fate would cause Caroline to make an unprecedented decision that caused her to live an extraordinary life for a woman of her time. “The Healing Power of Husker Nation” Hail Varsity Managing Editor Erin Sorensen recounts her difficult recovery after her car was struck by a drunk driver. Husker fans reached out to the injured journalist on social media and in letters. Sorensen even received a signed football from Cornhusker Football Coach Riley and his staff. “Big-Time Radio in Clay Center” In the 1920s, a chicken incubator baron in Clay Center started a radio station to market his products. In just a few years, KMMJ turned into a regional tourist attraction and a launching pad for performers. “Sowing The Prairie” The prairie grasslands of the U.S. were the victims of the intense agricultural development that occurred after the Civil War. Today, experts say that nearly 99 percent of the original prairie has been plowed under. Volunteers at the Homestead Monument of America in Beatrice, Nebraska gather seed for their own plot of prairie and the Prairie Plains Resource Institute mixes hundreds of species for restoration projects. Through volunteer projects and education, efforts are underway to help prairie grasslands make a comeback. “Planting A Sunken Garden” We take a look back at the beginnings of the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln and join a vast cadre of volunteers as they dig deep into the dirt to “wake up the beds” and do the annual planting at this neighborhood botanical oasis.