Pure Energy and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 01/07/2016

"Rodeo Bullfighter" As the bucking bull successfully launches the rider from its back during the Plum Creek Rodeo, young Rowdy Moon (Sargent) quickly snares the attention of the 1600-pound beast. Before the cowboy lands, the athletic bullfighter rapidly steps across the arena expertly dodging the business end of an angry horn. Rowdy hopes to go professional, but it will have to wait until the college freshman finishes school. "Pure Energy" 2000 kids with the best rockets, racers, gliders, bridges, catapults and contraptions compete in the NATIONAL SCIENCE OLYMPIAD on the campus of the University of Nebraska. Bright minds from 49 states vie for the glory of champions and the fun of doing science. Featured in this story are Jon Pedersen, Tournament Director of the National Science Olympiad and Nebraskan Jake Winemiller, supervisor of the Bottle Rocket competition. "Camp Roadshow" Meet the people who enjoy spending their summers working on one of the most popular series on PBS, Antiques Roadshow. NET was granted special access to capture behind-the-scenes footage during the Roadshow's recent Omaha taping. In its twentieth season, the production hums like a well-oiled machine run by a bucket of happy campers. "The Artist's Wife" She supported the career of her husband, illustrator Reynold Brown, while raising their eight children. Then it was her turn. Inspired by the Northwest Nebraska landscape, Mary Tejeda Brown continues to paint as her vision dims. "The Girl from Broken Bow" Sometimes a family treasure requires detective work. We follow a young woman as she finds a surprising story behind a homestead portrait taken by sod house photographer Solomon Butcher.