Musical Seedlings and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 02/11/2016

"Musical Seedlings" Classically trained musicians from the Omaha Conservatory of Music teach 3-6-year-olds to play the violin as part of as part of a groundbreaking free afterschool program unique to Nebraska that targets underserved communities in an effort to bolster early childhood education and foster a love for the arts. "The Villagers of Taylor" Meet the unusual villagers of Taylor, and the artist who brought them to this small Nebraska town, creating hundreds of life-size cutouts of 1920s era people in and around Taylor. "Bob Gibson's Legacy" He's an Omaha native who played 17 years with the St. Louis Cardinals and he's been in the Baseball Hall of Fame since 1981. Recently, his hometown honored pitcher Bob Gibson by commissioning a statue--which is anything but static! "Beyond The Finish Line" Revisit 53-year-old Bobby Watson's run for Team Nebraska during the 2010 Special Olympics held in Lincoln.