Brown Sheep Company and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 02/04/2016

"The Nebraska Arts Awards" We meet some of the most talented kids in Nebraska as two Nebraska schools, one urban and one rural, receive awards for best arts initiatives. We feature excerpts of performances in the Capitol rotunda and hear from participants about their achievements. Featured in this story are the young students from Hyannis and Lincoln selected to perform. Producer: Michele Wolford "Brown Sheep Company" There are only a handful of active wool mills in the United States, but one of the best is located in the Panhandle. Peggy Jo Wells and her husband, Robert, are producing wool that's not only sought after by crafters, but has also captured the eye of a New York designer. Producer: Kay Hall "CyberSecuring A Future" A team of Omaha South students competes against other Nebraska high schools in an event that has real world implications; protecting computer systems from cyberattack. Producer: Mike Tobias "Deconstructing Art" We start with a finished ceramic sculpture and work backwards to see how ceramicist Ryan LaBar creates his intricate, abstract pieces. Producer: Kelly Rush "High Noon at Winnetoon" Step back in time to the Old West with a guided visit through the Winnetoon Boardwalk In Time, complete with historical buildings and artifacts, a garden of native wild flowers and prairie grasses. Producer: Kay Hall "A Day in Fontenelle" It's one of the largest private nature centers in the country and one of Nebraska's five National Natural Landmarks and it's located just minutes from downtown Omaha in Bellevue. Producer: Michele Wolford See more stories like this at