Shakespeare & the Wild West and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 01/12/2014

Shakespeare & the Wild West Follow Nebraska Shakespeare to the heart of cowboy country to enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the Omaha based theater company as they prepare and perform the Twelfth Night. Blizzard of 1949 In a fateful winter spanning from November 1948 to February 1949, a barrage of blizzards unleashed havoc across the Northern Great Plains. As snow descended from the sky, the ground was transformed into treacherous barriers, burying houses and bringing train tracks to a standstill. The dire situation reached a tipping point when millions of cattle faced the threat of starvation in their snow-covered pastures. This galvanized the United States military into action as the Air Force took to the skies, deploying cargo planes laden with hay bales, delivering a lifeline to the livestock below. At the same time, the Army ventured into the storm to rescue stranded people who were at the mercy of nature's wrath. Music from Ashes Twelve million years ago volcanic ash buried living elephants, camels and rhinos in Northeast Nebraska. Their skeletons are still being uncovered. This cataclysmic event inspired composer Rusty Banks to write a score for the Nebraska Chamber Players' 15th anniversary. The Well-dressed Museum Enjoy a guided tour of the world-class Sheldon Art Museum. See famous paintings, beautiful sculptures, and learn the surprising story behind a new acquisition.