Willa Goes to Washington and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 03/28/2024

“Willa Goes to Washington” A 7-foot bronze statue of writer Willa Cather is now on display at the US Capitol, one of two statues representing Nebraska in the National Statuary Hall collection. We see the dramatic unveiling, speak with sculptor Littleton Alston, who created the work, and explore Cather’s long journey from a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer who created a new vision of the American frontier to a towering statue on display for the world to see at the US Capitol. “Love and Football" Memorial Stadium’s ability to connect goes beyond the playing field. Husband and wife Denny and Joyce Korinek bonded over their shared love of Husker football and the stadium itself during their first meeting. Even though the couple now resides in Florida, the dedicated fans travel back for every Husker home game to sit in stadium seats that have been in Joyce’s family for 90 years. [In the Deed and the Glory] “A Story Set in Stone” Ninety-four-year-old twin brothers Howard and Harvey Kenfield have been avid collectors of fossils, arrowheads, and petrified wood since the 1950s. For 50 years, the twins created intricate sculptures out of petrified wood that are all on display at their gallery in Ogallala. These soft-spoken twins will charm you and their art will wow you. “Cosmic Films” Teenager Bill Hedges was a projectionist at the Lyons' movie theater. When the theater closed, the longtime Lyons resident bought the old building and converted into his own sci-fi movie studio. It's outta this world!