Volleyball Day and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 05/02/2024

Volleyball Day, Smashing Barriers Nebraska set a new world-record attendance mark for women's sports as 92,000 people gathered in Memorial Stadium to experienced Volleyball Day in Nebraska and 518,00 viewers tuned in around the world. Relive the thrill of this monumental event and hear why it changed the landscape of women’s sports and the enduring impact it will leave for generations to come. We also celebrate the Huskers trip to the final four in Tampa, Florida as the sunshine state was taken over by a sea of red. Behind the Seams Featuring everything from soldier uniforms and Elvis suits to animal costumes and vintage shoes, the Costume Library at Nebraska Wesleyan University boasts around 50,000 items, making it the largest collection of costumes in the area. Discover the Costume Library at Nebraska Wesleyan University, where actors of all ages and anyone dressing up for fun can find the perfect attire for any occasion. Duck Pin Bowling The village of Potter proudly claims the title of the "Home of the Tin Roof Sundae," it's also where locals still enjoy spirited rounds of duck pin bowling. Located along I-80, this charming community is a convenient stop for both inquisitive and hungry travelers. Seed Warriors Members of the Pawnee Nation united with Nebraska farmers to preserve the tribe’s ancestral corn. Sacred to their heritage, the corn can be traced back to when the Pawnee were expelled from their homeland in 1877. They carried their prized seeds from Nebraska to Indian Territory (Oklahoma), but the corn wouldn't grow in Oklahoma. Set aside for years, the corn was on the verge of extinction until an unexpected friendship created an opportunity for the Pawnee to grow their corn once again in Nebraska.