Running Down a Dream and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 02/08/2024

“Running Down a Dream” Bellevue middle schooler Jaiya Patillo gained social media fame with a video showcasing her impressive running skills, hitting 17 mph on a treadmill at just 12 years old. Now, she’s not only competing against, but beating college track athletes in the 400 meters. Jaiya has already secured the title of national champion, with the fastest time recorded in all AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) divisions. With a growing following and garnering national attention, Jaiya is on the fast track to success, clinching junior championships and setting her sights on the Olympics. “William Henry Jackson: An Eye for History” William Henry Jackson was one of the most prolific American artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He personally witnessed and recorded the expansion of the American West in thousands of photographs and in hundreds of drawings and paintings. His images conveyed the breathtaking beauty and unique natural features of the wilderness, convincing Congress to preserve Yellowstone. It became the nation's first national park in 1872. Today, the Oregon Trail Museum at Scotts Bluff National Monument holds the largest collection of William Henry Jackson paintings in the world. Park visitors can immerse themselves in Jackson's vibrant tapestry of American western history as seen through the eyes of an intrepid explorer and pioneer in American art and photography. “Splitting Records” Seward native Jesse Rood realized a childhood dream when he became a firefighter at the Nebraska Air Guard Base; however, this was just the beginning. A chance encounter sparked a new passion for him—axe throwing—and ignited a quest to set a World Record. “Leonard Knight: before Salvation Mountain” In the mid-1980s, Leonard Knight was on his way to California when his camper van broke down on I-80 near Shelton, Nebraska. His intention was to stay for three hours, but he stayed for more than three years. In that time, the rural community adopted him and helped him realize his dream of sewing a multi-colored hot air balloon that spread his message of faith. Leonard Knight is the artist who’s known for creating Salvation Mountain in California, but the story of his time in Nebraska has never been told.