Nebraska's Natural Beauty

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 04/18/2024

Time and the River A beautiful visual montage of the four seasons along the Platte River created from photographs taken by the Platte River Basin Timelapse project and featuring commissioned chamber music by Kurt Knecht, a composer from Kansas City, Missouri. Inside Robber’s Cave The subject of speculation, myth, and rumors, Robbers Cave has long been a popular site for clandestine meetings, romantic interludes, and curious explorers. We venture underground with author Joel Green to learn the curious history of one of Lincoln’s most timeless relics. Sowbelly Canyon A Pine Ridge paradise located near the town of Harrison, Sowbelly Canyon has experienced a number of natural disasters in the past decade including a major flood in 2015. Explore this little known treasure and meet the people who are working to preserve this oasis for all to enjoy. Wildcat Hills In a state known for its flat land, the Wildcat Hills in western Nebraska provides a dramatic alternative. The landscape is a unique co-existence of prairie and mountain ecosystems, featuring beautiful rolling hills, rocky formations and habitats for unique plant and animal species. A local rangeland ecologist takes us on a walk in the wild lands of the Wildcat Hills.