Masquerade and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 04/11/2024

Masquerade In the 1940s and 50s, Nebraska artist Doane Powell created a series of strange and wonderful masks. As a former cartoonist for the Omaha Bee, Powell eventually moved to New York City and shifted his focus from drawing faces to sculpting them with layers of craft paper and adhesive, creating exaggerated caricatures and realistic likenesses of famous figures. From Clark Gable to Mae West to Hitler, the masks range from playful to a bit spooky. After years of neglect, many of Powell’s masks have been restored and are now in the collection of the History Nebraska Museum. Football Fashion Josh Sperle says it was growing up in Texas that spurred his passion for football and now, the Nebraska transplant has funneled that energy into his small business, Hide Park Apparel. The young entrepreneur recycles game-used footballs to make his unique hats. D-Wayne Meet D-Wayne, a young man who turned a love of beatboxing into a full-fledged career. We follow the Lincoln vocal entrepreneur as he seamlessly transitions his talent into a high-energy MC and media personality. Les Vilda Since 2007, Les Vilda has been running for president of the United States. Even though he rarely earns any votes, his unique campaign style earns smiles and cheers from his supporters and that’s enough to keep him looking forward to the next election.