Land of My Fathers and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 04/04/2024

Land of My Fathers Arthur Jones, a Nebraska transplant from Michigan, finds the community of Wymore, Nebraska and learns about the history of the people and the town, and the parallels between his own journey and those that came from Wales to Wymore. Akiho Scores Kaneko Grammy nominated composer Andy Akiho creates a groundbreaking orchestral work commissioned by the Omaha Symphony in honor of husband-and-wife artists Ree and Jun Kaneko. Akiho uses Kaneko’s sculptures not only as inspiration for the work but also as musical instruments that are “played” during the performance. The Girl from Broken Bow Sometimes a family treasure requires detective work. We follow a young woman as she finds a surprising story behind a homestead portrait taken by sod house photographer Solomon Butcher.