The Middle of Everywhere and More

Stories about becoming an American from the time of prairie settlement to today.

Air Date: 04/20/2023

The Lure of the Land The Homestead Act of 1862 triggered one of the largest migrations in history. American citizens, recently freed slaves, and immigrants from all over the world traveled to the Great Plains and Western United States to claim free land. It's recorded that four million homestead claims were filed. Montana, North Dakota, Colorado and Nebraska are listed as the states with the most successful claims and the first homestead claim was filed right here in Nebraska by Daniel Freeman on January 1, 1863!

The Middle of Everywhere The community of Lincoln is a federally-designated refugee settlement city. People from all over the world whose lives have been turned upside down in the country of their birth, work hard to build a new life in their new homeland. They are grateful and they remind us of why America remains a shining beacon of hope to people of all walks of life.

I Am an American Immigrants from across the world who've earned the privilege of becoming an American citizen take their first Oath of Allegiance to the United State in an extra-special Citizenship and Naturalization Ceremony hosted at Homestead National Monument. Through the words of our newest citizens, they reveal what it means to become an American today.

Zabuni Coffee Inspired by a promise between a grandson and his grandmother, a young couple launch an innovative business in the heart of corn country to help small African coffee farmers.

Linh Quang Buddhist Center Explore the history of the Linh Quang Buddhist Center and the cultural traditions of Vietnamese Americans as temple members guide us on a tour this beautiful place of worship.