On the Move

In this episode we explore Nebraska by canoe, train, bike, car and horse.

Air Date: 02/23/2022

River of Surprises Photographer Mike Forsberg and Filmmaker Pete Stegen spent 55 days traveling by bike, on foot and in a canoe to follow a mythical drop of water from the Rockies to the Plains. They face killer dams, ghosts of the past and a storm that turns the river into a chocolate milkshake.

Hear That Train a Comin’ Travel across our state in one of the biggest steam engines in operation -- Union Pacific's steam locomotive Challenger No. 3985.

Nacho Ride Phil Wolfe wants people to be active and he thinks with the right motivation, it's pretty easy. The retired physical education teacher came up with a creative idea - the Nacho Ride. What began humbly with four riders has grown to 200. Holy mole! What people will do for delicious food and great fun.

Highway to Tomorrow Just over a century ago construction began on a really BIG idea – a 3,389 mile transcontinental highway from New York City to San Francisco. It was called The Lincoln Highway and Nebraska helped make it happen!

Weekend on Horseback We take a look back at the scenic splendor of the Nebraska National Forest in this story shot three years before the recent Bovee Fire. Riders gather for the annual 4-H Trail Ride where they enjoy each other’s company and the natural beauty of the forest by horseback.