Inside Robber’s Cave and More

Stories featured in this episode include a guided tour of Robber's Cave, the story behind the pillars at Pioneer's Park, a Nebraska woman who makes custom hats, and a visit to Norfolk Farmers Market.

Air Date: 04/13/2023

Inside Robber’s Cave The subject of speculation, myth, and rumors, Robbers Cave has long been a popular site for clandestine meetings, romantic interludes, and curious explorers. We venture underground with author Joel Green to learn the curious history of one of Lincoln’s most timeless relics.

Pioneers Park Pillars In the heart of Pioneers Park are four sandstone columns that look like they belong on a building in Greece. Though they aren’t ancient, they are old and were once part of the United States Treasury Building located in Washington, D.C. We explore how the pillars found a home in Lincoln.

The Blue Barn – All Grown Up After 27 years, Omaha's non-profit Blue Barn Theatre finally has a stage all its own to produce the best in boundary-breaking plays and other works that provoke thought and change. We get a tour of the theatre company’s permanent home, an art-centered space just south of Omaha's Old Market.

The Hat Maker There are around 60 custom hat makers in the United States and one lives in the heart of the Sandhills. Using antique tools and machinery, Kaycee Orr Hoffman is a master of her craft. She’ll build any hat you’d like, but her cowboy hats are among the finest made – bar none.

Made for Market A visit to the Norfolk Farmers Market where we meet twin sisters, Stacy and Sandy Dieckman, who share their passion for growing and selling fresh local produce to the community, and Caleb Nihira who began selling his homemade bread at the market and then turned it into a thriving downtown bakery.