Life with Animals

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 03/09/2022

Racin’ Wiener Dogs One of the more popular events at the annual Germanfest in Syracuse is the running of the wiener dogs. Dachshunds may have short legs, but they have mighty hearts. Hot Coffee & Cool Cats  Omaha / Culture We visit Nebraska‘s first and only nonprofit cat café located in Omaha. Felius Cafe hopes to revolutionize the cat adoption and rescue experience through interaction, education and community. Visitors to the café can grab a cappuccino and, for a small fee, reserve some cuddle time with cats and kittens in a feline playroom. Felius also works with community volunteers to help care for community cats who live on the streets of Omaha but may not be suitable for adoption. Return of the Swan Almost hunted to extinction, trumpeter swans are again thriving in the Sandhills. In this conservation success story, meet the researchers who have worked tirelessly to protect trumpeter swans and their habitat, ranchers who live among these birds and make their lives in the Sandhills, and a photographer whose love for this species emanates through his photographs. Unadilla Bill   On the first Saturday of February, Unadilla hosts it's annual Groundhog Day Celebration. The town’s population doubles as folks gather for some wintertime fun and to see if their celebrated resident groundhog will see it's shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter...or if spring is just around the corner.